The Power of Being You

"The relentless drive for new business adds to the constant pressure to perform and conform to our preconceived leadership ideals: the charismatic frontman, the inspiring orator, the powerful figurehead – so most feel huge pressure to live-up to these lofty expectations. Unfortunately, for those in charge, wearing the mantle of ‘leader’ can often make you feel like you’re dressed in someone else’s clothes." - my Creative Review article on why authenticity is so important to being a successful creative leader:

Why stress and creativity do not go well together

Work overload, unrealistic deadlines and frantic, digitally-charged environments are just some of the many forms of stress we heap on those expected to deliver the goods. That stress in the workplace is rife and that it negatively impacts your performance and health is sadly not news, but it takes more than just a personal toll … stress destroys creativity too.  See my latest article in Creative Review: 

Why EQ can count for more than IQ

"When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion." –Dale Carnegie

If there’s one thing we can learn from recent global political events, it’s that emotions matter when it comes to leading people. As much in business as in politics, the so-called ‘soft-skills’ of leadership, can play a disproportionate role in driving success.  See my article in Creative Review on the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership in creative organisations:

Fraud! Imposter Syndrome and how leaders deal with it:

Ever felt like you are about to be found out? That you really don’t deserve to be a global chief and that any day now someone’s going to rumble you? Worry not: Imposter Syndrome is a recognised psychological trait common to many creative leaders.  Read my latest article in Creative Review for advice on how to deal with it: