Stress affects all but the lucky few in the modern workplace – but most of us are unwilling to admit just how much.

The physiological and psychological effects of stress not only has a negative impact on our health, it also erodes our ability to think creatively and act authentically.  So in order for your business to thrive, you are responsible for managing the levels of stress in your team.  However, you can only do this if you have honestly addressed its impact on yourself first.  Coaching can help you build resilience and create strategies for coping with inevitable pressure, freeing you to think creatively and objectively in any situation.

The irony of a high-pressure job is that the more stress you are under, the less equipped you are to combat it. Tanya helped me resolve the ‘stress loop’. Her coaching style is a powerful blend of empathy, intuition and practical common sense. She gets the creative process. More importantly, she gets the people who do it.
— A.Young, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Inferno, London