Imagine having the time and space in your busy working week to really think about the things that matter.  Time dedicated to you, with no distractions and with a confidante who won’t judge you, but who will challenge and guide you to do your best quality thinking.  Thinking that can help you make genuine leaps in your self-awareness and performance enhancing changes to your approach to leadership.

It can help you to:

  • Improve your style of leadership
  •  Creatively problem-solve
  • Make tough decisions
  • Define personal and business ambitions
  • Navigate unknown territory
  • Build confidence and resilience to stress
  • Be more effective in your interpersonal and organisational skills

Most importantly, it can elevate your thinking beyond what you currently think is possible for yourself and your business.

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When does anyone really get the time to sit down and properly reflect on what makes them more or less effective in their roles?  Tanya’s coaching is both insightful and professional while her understanding of the industry proves invaluable, as it rarely seems like you’re talking in the abstract.
— P. Jordan, Executive Creative Director, Mcgarrybowen