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In her early career, Tanya spent many years on the management teams of some of the top creative advertising agencies in London, learning first-hand about the complexity of leading teams in highly creative, dynamic and often unstable environments.  Since 2007, she has also been one of the owners of the leading global executive search company for creative businesses (www.thetalentbusiness.com) in which her role as consultant and advisor to creative leaders worldwide has given her valuable insight into the challenges of modern leadership within some of the most creative businesses in the world. 

With a postgraduate degree in business and personal coaching, as a certified business practitioner of NLP, a Member of the Association for Coaching and a Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists, Tanya underpins her coaching with a broad repertoire of psychological models and theories and proven coaching techniques. Her natural ability to connect with her clients and her fundamental belief in their extraordinary potential, creates a safe and challenging environment for personal and professional transformation.  Given the scope of her experience, Tanya is uniquely placed to help guide and unlock the potential in leaders of creative businesses.

Tanya is a regular writer for Creative Review on creative leadership issues.  She also supports D&AD and Creative Equals by delivering masterclasses and workshops for aspiring creative leaders.