What people say…

Anyone who’s willing to sit for 12 hours listening to me talking about me deserves a medal. To then respond to that blither with invaluable, ingenius and incisively insightful feedback…well, there’s no trophy big enough. My sessions with Tanya were so rewarding and so significant in my development as a leader…and most definitely welcomed by those I’m attempting to lead. Can’t recommend them enough.
— S. Outhwaite-Noel, Chief Creative Officer, & Co-Founder, Creature, London
We’re always asking brands to be true to their core values but rarely, if ever, give any thought to what our own core values are. Perhaps because we all really need objective help in defining them. A role Tanya excels at. And, once defined, decision making becomes faster and clearer. I would probably have got to the same answers, but with less speed and certainty.
Tanya also helps you to understand how best to get out of your own way. She doesn’t give the answers but guides you on the journey to working them out for yourself.
— M. Mahoney, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy, London
I had heard of “coaching” before but had no idea what it was, or whether it would be useful for me. However, it turned out to be a life-changing experience – I wonder why I didn’t try it sooner! Tanya was great at making me relaxed and open to speak up. I enjoyed the process of reflecting, thinking profoundly, making actions and observing positive changes in me - which were small but evidential - happening every day. Her coaching was so efficient to make these steps flow. I enjoyed every session
— M. Nakamura, Product Design Lead, UsTwo, Tokyo
Tanya helped me in our coaching sessions more than I can say. Although the focus was on business, the sessions have helped me in many aspects of my life, and I feel more balanced and able to cope with day to day stresses. The coaching felt really flexible, with Tanya amending her style of coaching to suit me. She always felt very considered and I felt that in a short time she really got to know me. It’s also an incredible experience having someone impartial who you can really just talk about yourself with. The nature of coaching also meant that I came to a lot of the conclusions myself, rather than feeling that Tanya was giving me the answers. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
— V. Jagger, Creative Director, BBH
The irony of a high-pressure job is that the more stress you are under, the less equipped you are to combat it. Tanya helped me resolve the ‘stress loop’. Her coaching style is a powerful blend of empathy, intuition and practical common sense. She gets the creative process. More importantly, she gets the people who do it. With her help, not only am I more effective in my job, but my love affair with it has been well and truly rekindled. Thank you Tanya.
— A.Young, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Inferno, London
When does anyone really get the time to sit down and properly reflect on what makes them more or less effective in their roles?  Tanya’s coaching is both insightful and professional while her understanding of the industry proves invaluable, as it rarely seems like you’re talking in the abstract. I can honestly say I’m a better ECD as a result of these sessions. What’s equally important is that I’ve started managing my time more efficiently and I’m a better husband and father too.
— P. Jordan, Executive Creative Director, Mcgarrybowen, London
As the owner of a communications business and an executive coach myself, I need someone truly excellent to guide my thinking. Tanya is that person. She’s the first one I turn to when I’m blocked. I know that, whatever the business challenge, she will help me access the mental resources to solve it. That is priceless. She’s the only coach I know to combine such an impressive track record in the creative industries with a rare and natural talent for unlocking the very best in people.
— K. Savage, CEO Savage Communications, London
Tanya’s sessions have helped me so much; skilfully blending high level management theory, professional counselling and pointing out the bleeding obvious.  Every new ECD job should come with a health warning. I wouldn’t advise attempting it without the kind of help Tanya has given me.
— A. Macadam, Executive Creative Director, Mcgarrybowen, London
Tanya has helped identify the areas that I wanted to develop most and helped me achieve them.  With a calm, encouraging and thoughtful approach, Tanya has a knack of clearing all the crap out of the way, for knocking down the barriers and reasons not to do something.  And then points you straight at it with clear and achievable goals.  She has undoubtedly been instrumental in helping me change the way I structure my life. It’s been invaluable.
Tanya has a fantastic energy and approach to coaching and helps you find insights about your position and yourself that you never knew or thought of.  She is also one of the world’s nicest people and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.
— J. Chalkley, Chief Creative Officer, BMB, London
Tanya is a wonderful, caring coach carrying a great sense of enthusiasm towards coaching and helping others.  She really helped to nut out the core areas that would be of greatest help, and then guide me through various exercises and tools in order to provide clarity around these.  I would highly recommend Tanya to others and found her to be a very supportive and effective coach
— J. Walden, Global Business Director, London